UnpainMe.com offers seven different categories of services and classes:

1. FREE Meetup event

This is a free one hour tea and cookies event hosted by Tatiana Gelfand. The purpose of this meeting is to familiarize yourself with the Regenerative Pain Mitigation Program (RPMP), the Hendrickson Method Manual Therapy and Tatiana herself. You will see a brief  explanation of the work she is doing, followed by live presentation of exercises. There will be tea and healthy snacks, questions and answers session, and a lively discussion. As the meetup takes place in the Powerline/Unpainme.com studio, you’ll have a chance to get familiar with the space as well. The meeting is a perfect prelude to signing up for the FREE Initial Evaluation Click here to sign up for the next FREE event.


2. FREE Initial Evaluation Session*

The session consists of two 30 minute segments. The first one is an oral interview (can be done on the phone). The second part is in house evaluation where our practitioners will assess your condition, posture, base range of motion, location of pain, sources of pain, movement patterns, etc, and provide you with a personalized Regenerative Pain Mitigation Program (RPMP) plan, payment options, and discuss insurance reimbursement possibilities. Classes purchased through the program can reach up to 30% discount depending on various factors. Click here to sign up for a free session.

3. Regenerative Pain Mitigation Program Group Class (maximum 5 people)

In this class you will learn the special exercises developed by combining elements of modern medicine as Hendrickson Manual Therapy, contemporary wellness modalities as Pilates, with ancient Chinese energy and movement arts as Tai Chi, Reiki and Qi Gong, targeted for release & stretch, increase range of motion, core strength for pain free mobility.  Slower pace and more alignment/form focuses than “typical” pilates class (i.e. not a work out class) Due to the small class size you can be assured to get lots of individual attention.  The exercises are designed in a way so that you can take them home with you and practice in your own living room.

  • Level 1: Release and relearn : Exercises that teach and target the basic principles in pilates including: pelvic stability, pelvic floor engagement, spine articulation, accessing deep abdominals, shoulder stability (scapula stability), scapula mobility, Neutral spine, variations of breathing exercises. Deep neck muscle engagement, etc.   (PayPal button)
  • Level 2: Strengthen and stabilize :  focus on challenging core and stability muscles.  Exercises include stability challenging planks, leg work with ball (to challenge stability), etc,  — will likely need to purchase some extra small (Yamuna style ) balls for this.  (PayPal button)

4, Regenerative Pain Mitigation Program 55 min Private Session


5, Regenerative Pain Mitigation Program 55 min Exercise only Private Session


6, Regenerative Pain Mitigation Program 85 min Comprehensive Private Session


7, Hendrickson Manual Therapy 55 min Private Session 


8, Hendrickson Manual Therapy 85 min Private Session