Money Back Guarantee (MBG): is committed to provide a service that is 100% to the satisfaction of the patient.
 The money-back guarantee has to be invoked through a verbal request by the patient to the practitioner. The request must be made right-after the class or session with which the patient is unsatisfied and before the patient leaves the premises of the class or session. The MBG applies solely to the cost or expense of the class or session after which it was invoked, and the remaining sessions/classes of a multi-session or multi-class pass (pack), in the case that service was rendered through the redemption of one. Invoking the MBG will not give grounds for the patient to demand the return of any monies beyond the expense or cost of the class or session after which it is invoked and the proportionate value of services that are paid for but not yet rendered if those have been purchased as a part of a multi-session or multi-class pass (pack). Invoking the MBG voids any contract between and the patient. 
This means that the patient will be eligible for a prorated refund for the class/session that the MGB was invoked for, plus in case of a package purchase or Individualized Treatment Plan, the yet unrendered but paid for services. The refund is calculated by multiplying the number of classes or sessions rendered minus 1 by the base cost of the respective services, and the product subtracted from the total amount paid for the package or customized treatment plan.
For example:
The base price of the RPMP group class is $27.00. 
The patient purchases a 10 pack for $241.00.  
After the 6th class, the patient decides that they want to invoke the MBG
.  The patient verbally communicates the request to the practitioner.  The practitioner fills out a refund form for the request and the patient signs it. refunds the following amount:

Number of rendered services (sessions or classes attended): 6 – 1 = 5
Base price of the respective service: $27.00
                                                          5x $27.00 = $135.00.
Total price of 10 pack: $241.00
Refund: $241- $135.00=$106.00

The refund is to be issued latest 15 days from the date of the MBG request form.

The MBG may only be invoked once per patient.

Cancellation Policy:
For full credit, appointment cancellations & reschedules must be made in writing via email or text, or via a phone call (with a voice message) at least 48 hours before the appointment start time. Cancellations within 48 hours of appointment start time will be charged at the full price of the session or class to the customer’s account.

Transfers of Service:
All purchases, with the exceptions of the Individualized Treatment Plans, are transferable. Any monetary balance left on an individualized payment plan account is transferable towards another person’s treatment plan – available to the recipient of the transfer AFTER they have set up and attended an Initial Assessment Session, where a new Individualized Treatment Plan can be set up for them.

The sessions remaining on any Individualized Treatment Plan are not transferable individually.

Payments made towards any purchases from never expire.
Class & Private Packs are valid as long as the service is being offered at the same location where it was purchased (unless stated otherwise). If services at a certain location are discontinued, the prorated payment credit is still valid at a different location or transferable as per “Transfer of Services”.

Refund Policy:
With the exception of the Refundable Booking Fee and the MBG, does NOT issue cash, credit, or debit card refunds on any purchases of packages or sessions – All payments made are non-refundable.
However, we will issue a credit to your account with us at your written request, and your credit with us never expires.

Refundable Booking Deposit:

There is a $25 Refundable Booking Deposit (RBD) that applies to any Initial Assessment Sessions to reduce no-shows. The fee is charged at the time of booking and is refundable upon completion of the Assessment Session, if the patient decides to not sign up for the recommended treatment plan. If the patient signs up for the recommended treatment plan the RBD will be applied as a partial payment towards the plan. If the patient’s insurance company approve full coverage of the expenses associated with the plan, the RBD is to be refunded at the time of payment received from the insurance company. The fee will be forfeited by the patient if they do not show up or cancel or reschedule the session less than 48hrs in advance (as per the cancellation policy). A forfeited RBD can be used as a credit towards any purchase over $200 within one year of the forfeiture.