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The Hendrickson Method® is a system of functional rehabilitation.  This means that it addresses the source of the pain rather than just the symptoms.  And it provides long-term benefits because it helps bring the body back to optimum function rather than just making symptoms go away temporarily.

The results are profound: significant relief from pain, dramatically enhanced range of motion, improved athletic performance, and extraordinary relaxation.

The Three Techniques of Hendrickson Method

Hendrickson Method uses a unique combination of three techniques to bring about optimum results in treating orthopedic conditions: Wave Mobilization®, Joint Mobilization, and Muscle Energy Technique (MET).

Wave Mobilization Therapy: The Central Feature of Hendrickson Method

At the heart of this unique system of treatment is a new technique for mobilizing soft tissue, called Wave Mobilization. Wave Mobilization therapy features strokes that are rounded, scooping movements performed perpendicular to soft tissue in repeated rhythmic cycles.  They are applied at a frequency of approximately 60 cycles per minute, which matches the ideal resting heart rate. Wave Mobilization therapy is extremely relaxing and profoundly healing.


Joint Mobilization: Treating the Source of Chronic Pain

The joints and their surrounding soft tissue are typically the primary source of pain in a body. Acute injuries often result in swelling, loss of joint motion, and the inhibition of normal muscle function by neurological reflexes. Chronic joint problems, whether due to degeneration or dysfunction, are almost always the result of misaligned and restricted joints, which prevent normal movement. Hendrickson Method includes specific protocols for treating acute and chronic joint problems that are efficient and effective in reducing pain and restoring normal movement.

Muscle Energy Technique: Rehabilitation of the Nervous System

The third modality used by Hendrickson Method Practitioners is Muscle Energy Technique (MET), which addresses the nervous system.  By having clients actively resist gentle, strategic applications of pressure, practitioners promote the rehabilitation of malfunctioning nerves. MET also helps strengthen weak muscles, eliminates trigger points, relaxes chronically tight muscles, and improves the range of motion of joints.