The Gelfand Regenerative Pain Mitigation Program (G-RPMP)  was developed by theatre director Tatiana Gelfand, and merges:

  • the anatomical elements of Hendrickson Method Manual Therapy
  • Pilates: the contemporary fitness model developed by Joseph Pilates
  • the ancient Eastern energy arts of Tai Chi, Reiki, and Qi Gong.

The Gelfand Pain Mitigation Program is designed to not only alleviate both chronic and acute pain, but to empower the patient to work with their own unique situation by learning how to mitigate flare-ups on their own.

The goal is to have you regain control of your body and keep you doing the activities  you love.


Pain is a message, a signal to the brain that “something is wrong”. However, that message can often remain long after an injury or other traumas seemed to have healed.

A common contributing factor to the ongoing muscular-skeletal pain is a sub-optimal or protective movement pattern (e.g. a limp) which has developed during the acute phase of injury.   These movement patterns once served an important function – to protect the injured part while it heals. However, without conscious retraining, these same movement patterns can become habits. These habits, in turn, lead to ongoing pain and/or movement restrictions.

Over time, this can often put extra wear and strain on the body’s physical structures – joints, soft tissue, muscles, etc.   Muscles may become chronically tight or weak and unable to “fire”, the affected joints may lose their full range of motion.     These factors overtime may increase strain, tightness/stiffness, restricted blood flow, inflammation, posture imbalances, and other contributors to pain.

Additionally, sub-optimal movement patterns can develop as a result of over-use, or a repetitive stress injury (e.g. carpal tunnel, neck pain, and other issues can result from years of working a computer job).   By the time pain is present, the movement pattern resulting from over-use has already become a habit.

G-RPMP uses a combination of Hendrickson Method bodywork to release the restricted or tight tissues and muscles, sports taping for pain relief, and specifically targeted exercises from Pilates (a fitness model developed by Joseph Pilates), as well as Tai Chi & Qi Gong to help you strengthen, re-educate the body, re-learn optimal posture, and introduce a more free and easeful – yet powerful – way to move.



During your an Initial Assessment Session, a practitioner will evaluate your posture and range of motion. We will then identify the underlying cause and habitual pattern that contribute to your pain and/or restriction of movement.


Your practitioner will develop a customized treatment plan that targets and works with the deeper source of the pain. The recommended treatment plan will consist of a combination of Hendrickson Method Manual Therapy (bodywork) sessions and a customized regenerative and strengthening exercise program – which may include any of the following:


During these classes and sessions, you will learn and practice your personal exercise program.

Your practitioner will also help you implement changes in your everyday body positioning habits (computer work, driving, sleeping, etc.

This process will empower you to mitigate pain on your own and ensures that your pain abatement is not dependent on an endless ongoing and costly therapy.

Depending on your needs, sports taping (kinesio tape) may be used to assist with targeted body awareness (proprioception), stabilization, and inflammation reduction.

We will continuously monitor your progress, posture and level of pain/discomfort, and adjust the program to the changing needs of you body.

The goal is to have you regain control of your body and keep you doing the activities that you love.